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As a busy garage or car dealership, you probably generate your share of metal waste and the occasional scrap vehicle. Disposing of these in the correct, environmentally-friendly way helps protect your reputation and keep you legal. Getting top car scrap value also turns waste into money for your business.

As fully-licensed vehicle scrap merchants, we’ll give you a fair, competitive price for your old vehicles or any vehicle parts and components you want to dispose of.

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More on our vehicle scrap recovery and recycling service

Do you ever need to dispose of vehicle scrap like the items listed below? Rather than leave scrap sitting around in your workshop or yard, how about turning all those automotive parts and components into money for your business? Here, from complete vehicles to small metal parts, are examples of the car scrap that we regularly collect:

  • End-of-life cars and other vehicles
  • Stripped body shells and chassis
  • Engines and gearboxes
  • Exhausts
  • Wheels and suspensions
  • Body panels
  • Brake discs and drums
  • Cables

We sell reclaimed parts and components too

By the way, we also sell reclaimed vehicle parts for a fraction of manufacturers’ reconditioned part prices. If you’re looking for guaranteed second-hand components please contact us.

We’ve built our reputation on scrap recycling for the motor trade in Gloucestershire, surrounding counties and elsewhere in the UK. Whether we regularly collect workshop scrap or you’ve a one-off need to shift a scrap car, we can help.

Drop off at our depot or we can collect

As well as helping you run a greener, more profitable business we promise to quote a fair price for scrap. If you generate ferrous or non-ferrous car scrap, using our professional, fully-licensed service couldn’t be easier:

Bring scrap to our Cotswolds waste depot.
Use our trade scrap-metal collection and skip service for waste and scrap cars.

What paperwork is involved to scrap a car?

If you’re disposing of a vehicle, we’ll need the V5C registration certificate (sometimes called the ‘log book’). For cars, light vans or three-wheeled motor vehicles (but not motor tricycles), we’ll issue a Certificate of Destruction within 7 days to prove that you are no longer legally responsible for the vehicle. We’ll also tell DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped.

Legally, you can only scrap a vehicle at an authorised treatment facility (ATF) like ours. We’re registered under the West Thames Region and our EPR Permit Reference is BB3034RX. For your peace of mind, you can verify this by visiting the GOV.UK website.

IMPORTANT: if you bring a vehicle to us or we collect it, please make sure you’ve removed all your personal items – you’d be amazed what we sometimes find in the vehicles we scrap!

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If you’re scrapping a car or getting rid of workshop scrap, recycling it through us makes sense for many reasons. For your instant quote or to arrange collection, please contact us.


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