UPVC recycling and production waste

Does your replacement window and door manufacturing operation create PVC-U waste? Maybe it’s in the form of a growing pile of profile offcuts or the occasional incorrectly-measured frame. If, whatever the cause and despite your best waste management efforts, you still need to dispose of waste plastic, our UPVC recycling services take the problem of away – and help the environment.

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More about UPVC recycling and production waste

UPVC windows and doors come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Many are still made from virgin PVC-U (often referred to as PVC, UPVC or just ‘plastic’). Increasingly, though, replacement windows are made from material reclaimed by recycling fabricator and post-consumer UPVC waste. That process starts when waste management specialists like us collect unwanted UPVC from your factory.

Plenty of opportunities to create PVC-U waste

The important thing to realise is that, throughout the fabrication process, there are lots of opportunities to create waste PVC-U and related recyclable materials:

  • Profile offcuts
  • PVC-U sheet waste
  • Incorrectly measured frames
  • Defective parts
  • Steel or aluminium scrap (waste reinforcement sections)

UPVC recycling tailored to your business

As specialists in PVC-U waste disposal and recycling, we’ll tailor our core services to meet your exact requirements. Here are your basic options:

  • Receive your PVC-U waste at our depot for processing.
  • Collect a one-off load of for waste recycling.
  • Arrange regular collections from your site.
  • Supply and manage skips (several sizes available).
  • Collect related metal scrap.

Do you face any of these challenges?

If you aren’t sure which services are right for you, please take advantage of our long experience with plastic recycling and discuss your options. We’ll help you find the service that’s best for you. We can do this because we already work closely with a wide range of commercial organisations facing similar recycling challenges to you. Here are some of the ways we help them:

  • Disposal of waste material responsibly.
  • Impress customers with efficient site clearance.
  • Put money back into the business from paid-for scrap.
  • Save time and reduce costs for waste and disposal.
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Care for the environment.
  • Keep factories and yards tidy, safer and clear for other business uses.

You can be sure we’ll understand the needs of your business too. That’s because we already help the following organisations when they want us to collect and recycle their UPVC waste:

  • Fabricators of UPVC windows and doors
  • UPVC window and door installers
  • UPVC Conservatory companies

Let’s talk about recycling UPVC

Whether you manufacture profile like Rehau and Eurocell, or fabricate at national or local level, we’d like to talk about how your PVC-U recycling can help you do better business.

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