UPVC recycling for windows and doors

UPVC recycling for doors and windows (strictly speaking, it’s
PVC-U) makes sense whether you’re a homeowner, professional window installer or PVC-U fabricator – especially when non-biodegradable PVC-U can be recycled approximately 10 times!

Hiring a specialist recycler to remove old windows, doors, roofline and other PVC scrap tidies homeowners’ properties and helps you look even more professional. From our Gloucestershire site, we provide fast, efficient UPVC recycling and related waste services for individuals and the UPVC replacement window trade. Whether you’ve got a bin of fabrication offcuts or a yard full of post-consumer waste, we remove your unwanted PVC-U – and solve the problem of its environmentally-friendly disposal.

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UPVC recycling for fabricators

Even in the most efficient PVC-U product fabrication, the manufacturing processes for UPVC doors and windows inevitably create some waste such as this:

  • Sheet and profile offcuts
  • Redundant bar lengths
  • Incorrectly measured frames
  • Scrap aluminium

Whether you’re a major fabricator or a small firm serving the local market, our fully-licensed plastic waste management services help you stay legal and avoid costly penalties. We’re here to remove your waste for recycling and ensure that as little as possible goes to landfill. And by helping to keep your yard or factory tidy, we’re also helping you run a more efficient, more profitable business.

A selection of services

Because your collection and recycling needs are different from anyone else’s, we offer a range of services to PVC-U manufacturers and installers. Naturally, we can further tailor any of these to your specific requirements:

  • Drop off your PVC-U waste at our Cotswolds depot.
  • Order a one-off collection from site or from your factory.
  • Schedule regular collections from your premises – we can provide different containers so you can sort your waste.
  • Use our convenient skip service. We provide skips with a capacity of 8–40 cubic yards (6.1–30.6 cubic metres) on a long- or short-term basis.

Suddenly, recycling your UPVC waste doesn’t look quite so intimidating!

Post-consumer windows and doors

Are you a homeowner who has just had a set of beautiful new PVC-U windows and doors fitted? If you are looking to dispose of old plastic windows and doors, we can help. We’ll take away the problem and while we’re at it we also pay competitive prices for all those scrap metal and electrical items accumulating in your shed or garage. When you’ve just invested in new windows and doors, a bit of money back always helps. Please ask us to quote.

Are you a fabricator, installer or home owner? If PVC-U plastic recycling makes sense for you, please get a quote or arrange a collection by calling 01451 820 230 or emailing us.


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